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Rayven Symone 'Ghetto Names'

12th November 2015 9.3K views

Rayven Symone chat show host on the 'The View' claimed that she would not hire anyone with a 'ghetto' sounding name. We asked the public what they thought

Debby Osunsami
Debby Osunsami


Debby Osunsami
Hi, I have seen your message. Your video hasn't and will not be posted. Please don't leave anymore comments on the videos, your request has been notified. This is a place for comments regarding the video itself and not other issues. But your welcome to view and enjoy other videos. Thanks for your time and patience and I hope you enjoy the site. Kind regard, Debby :)
lord coe
hello debby , you took a video of me today at 12/11/15 at stratford shopping centre. the video topic was about tinder. I want to kindly ask you if its possible not include me in any video , this is because when i told my mum about she wasn't happy with me featuring in it, also i am not too keen and confident to be in it. i kindly ask not to upload the video and the deletion of it. i am the young man with the black Nike cap, also i am wearing a white polo school shirt with a dark blue navy jacket slim jacket, i am black and i was supposedly your last interview that day. I also kept referring that tinder was just for fun. i hope that gave an idea of how i look like and hopefully you would find the right video to delete Thank you so much and thanks for your understanding. Could you please reply on this video if you have acknowledge my request and if it has been deleted and not used.

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